Go beneath the surface to question those reflex negative thoughts and feelings about self. Is it really true? Does it hold any merit at all? 

Are you as bad or wrong as you feel? How you were treated grew into the negative beliefs about yourself and bad treatment became what you believe you deserved .

And because you bore the burden of others attacks quietly you became what was done to you; not in reality but in your thoughts, feelings and perceptions. Is that really you or is it the load you carried so that siblings who touched you so evilly could live on as if they didn’t?

Questioning the ongoing negativity about myself is hard and sometimes impossible especially when in pain and vulnerable, but the work is progressing, as if my core is being built from the ground up…solid, with needs that can be spoken and respected.



5 thoughts on “BELIEVE

  1. I love this 🙂 Thank you for sharing this. I am learning that it is me and nobody else I have to be at peace with, have to love and trust and believe in and talk to and treat like a best friend. It is indeed hardest when I am vulnerable and in pain and overwhelmed because that is when the harsh critic and internalised parents come to beat me up. It is a hard journey to separate myself from those cruel voices that say I’m not good enough but I live in hope that I will be able to isolate those voices and distance myself from them.

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