Cindy, my grand-daughter is four! And for the first time (and last), I tried something other than a round or rectangular cake. It took most of the day…



13 thoughts on “PRINCESS PARTY

    1. Well, she did open a few on birthday Tuesday. A case with Tinkerbell and clothes to change. A trinket or charm of a little animal, and a frilled top to go over leggin’s.
      Tonight she will open PJ’s which I pick up after Christmas at rock bottom prices. And a tablet like her brother’s with learning games and all sorts of stuff. There’s a few more things but I can’t remember what they are! So I’ll be surprised too… : )

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  1. Definitely wouldn’t say “the last” it’s EXTRAORDINARY! A for certain do again. I’ve been thinking about being mindful and approaching things in a new way. Not minding vacuuming, baking wonderful muffins and cooking dinner. Making beds, brushing the dogs. Trying to be thankful and relaxed in the fact that I now have the time. Blessed with time. I stopped before therapy yesterday and bought 3 liters of organic lemonade for my step-daughters kiddos and went to her house to visit afterwards. Showered in L❤️VE as I am certain you were on Cindy’s bday and vice versa

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