The day started dreary, overcast, and cloudy. Saying bye to Samuel, it was time to meditate. I didn’t want to. I didn’t want to feel my feelings or be me. Yet during the process my insides settled and more positive feelings arose after a few tears. A sadness sinks in as fall arrives, but not one that cripples. I can usually deal with it, though not always.

After Shane calls, as he often does on his way to work, the sun came out and a soft breeze brought soothing warmth during the meadow walk. The flower pots needed water, and I snipped fresh herbs to mix with the burgers to be broiled later.

Feeling energized the outing to do errands became enjoyable, not tedious.

A day can start at a low point but move upward with habits that are self-caring. My ‘happy’ isn’t kicking my heels and going full out, it is feeling centered, whole, and accepting of all that is there inside, letting it flow up and out. Smiles that come feel genuine, not forced and peace found is held tight.


4 thoughts on “WHOLE

  1. I just really love the end of this– happy meaning that you feel whole and centered and accepting of all the feelings and that smiles that come are genuine. I think I’m going to adopt this definition of happy, if you don’t mind. It’s perfect and real and happened way more often than the kick your heels up happy. 🙂💟

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