I sigh while closing windows for the night. Warm days, cold nights, and though I love fall it is hard to let summer go. A few crisp leaves crunch underfoot on the meadow walk. Samuel surprised me by coming down and sitting near-by in the other Adirondack chair. We sit in the sun quietly then hold hands on the way back.

I finally relayed the ‘Adele’ story, hesitant because he seems to see the other side of it every time which feels oppositional and lonely.  

“You know, I pay Adele $120 each session,” I began. That hit him where it hurts and his response this time felt like he was on my side.  Tears fell and I hadn’t realized how hurt I feel because of losing hope this will work out. 

After explaining how the time went he said, “Unprofessional. You should ask for twelve dollars back for the 5 or 6 minutes she wasted, and she needs a dog-sitter.” 

He figured out the cost per minute as I did. No response from Adele yet, but I’m feeling as if I can not work with someone who I have to tell how to do the work. 

William, my seven year old grand-son is now in foot-ball. They do it up right, cheer-leaders, an announcer, music, and a food stand, all for second-graders. It is fun, though at 9 am in the morning a lap blanket is required. I delivered two buckets of applesauce made the night before to Shane and his family after the game. 

Yearly I’ve gone to the county farm to buy a bushel of seconds to make into applesauce. My two sons ate huge bowls of home-made sauce after school each day. Now Shane’s kids love Nana’s applesauce too.

Shane is one of the coaches, just as he helped coach base-ball and soccer this summer. It is so satisfying to see my son so involved in his own son’s activities. He is also a den leader of William’s Cub Scout group and this year took on the role of pack leader. It makes me dizzy thinking of being that active and busy but I’m happy that he is. 



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