Adele helped in a few simple ways, but I don’t need to know that she began figure skating at age three until age 20, or the same with piano playing, singing, and performing, or that she accidentally stuck a skate blade in her leg to the bone at 14, or her medical surgeries this past year…

I don’t care to sit there while she goes down the hall to the kitchen to get her dog a biscuit, then watch as she pets him as he jumps up into her lap. I feel like a bystander or that I just dropped by for a visit to say ‘hello.’ At $120 an hour, that’s $2 a minute times how many minutes wasted on her and her life for no apparent reason. 

How do I know so much after a few sessions, and who were the sessions for? Even with her need to press her personal details upon me, she did help when I was in the most pain, and guided me back. But enough for now. Although I made an appointment for two weeks, I’ll likely cancel it. It only took a few ounces of chocolate and one late night with Jimmy Kimmel to figure that out.

On a happier more satisfying note, Stevie sent a check for $439, his commission portion of the rental, signing the note, Love, Stevie. All is well with little brother and we may return again to house on the lake next summer.

I’m back in the studio with a piece I’m excited about, a stunning black with diamonds and mirrors. I broke a blade with the scroll saw which caused an adrenaline rush, yet I persisted after the blade was replaced.

Samuel put up screws and hung several mosaics downstairs that had begun cluttering the studio. Now the studio is almost bare. There are spaces to fill providing a purpose to produce. Here is the one in progress…




7 thoughts on “WHO IS THE THERAPIST?

    1. My son says that if I was unable to say right then that I didn’t appreciate the time she took playing with her dog or talking about herself, that when I email back to cancel I can explain why then. This is the problem. My voice was taken so long ago as I was forced/trained to suffer atrocities to my body then act like I loved the ones who were committing such acts.
      So it not surprising that part was broken. But I have learned that I can still speak up later, whether on the phone, or in a email where I feel safer.
      What I left out was that she had already been in the parking lot when I arrived talking to the previous client who had been late.
      Adele was speaking to her through the car window explaining that she had taken a drive to buy a yogurt. When the client arrived it was too late for even a short appointment.
      So Adele was quite shaken up and proceeded to spend my time explaining all that to me and seemed to need time to calm down, talk about it and be comforted by her dog. The dog had also gotten upset with the chaos that Adele had caused and was running down the hall to me and jumping around. At previous appointments it had stayed quietly in its cage so I though I thought it unusual to need one’s pet in an office setting, and different from any other therapist I’ve had in the past, as long as it was quiet and didn’t interfere, I didn’t mind. I minded very much this time.
      I compare her so much to Raymond who never did such craziness. It was always client based as it should be.

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  1. That’s why I left my last therapist and it was the right decision for me. The focus should have always been on me. I didn’t need to bond or know personal things about her, I needed to be heard period. So I sure do get it. It was so frustrating.

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