Sink load #2 of the green, haven’t plucked the purple ones yet. Shane, my son and wife, gave me grapevines one year for my birthday. Other than making one pie from the dark purple ones, I hadn’t a clue what to do with the rest. This year I’m trying my hand at juice. This one sink full has provided 8 quarts. Juice anyone?

This morning was so foggy but yet again will bloom into a sunny, crisp, warm day!





9 thoughts on “GRAPES, GRAPES and MORE GRAPES!

  1. Patricia, I love your posts! All of them, the incredible beauty like this one, your inner struggles, your joys, your creativity, your beautiful angel granddaughter, your home…
    Please know that even though I don’t always find the energy to respond, I am there in the background with heart leaping, applauding, and always looking forward to reading your posts. Like savoring moments with an old friend, I wait to read until I can find the quiet moment when I can cozy up or eat a meal while listening to you speak. Thanks a hundred times over. Beverly

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