2 thoughts on “BEING

  1. Your blog…your words…your bravery to speak and share through your pain and in spite of your pain has been a tremendous inspiration and encouragement the past few months. For the very first time yesterday I battled through the shame and the tears and finally…finally… shared a small part of my story with a very old and very dear friend. I let the words, certainly not many, but MY words spoken with MY voice, escape out into the universe. Maybe in time, if I keep following your example, I’ll take a few more baby steps. Thank you.

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    1. OH my gosh! Your response struck deep and when that happens for me, like singing a special song in chorale, a tingle goes down to my toes. Wow. Thank you.
      I remember when I first spoke to a friend. A torrent came forth.
      Whether it’s a lot or a little you showed such bravery too. I was trained not to speak of such atrocities, to hold it in. To buck that training is so very hard, but you did it!


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