Samuel rested on the couch after working that day, one of five allowed each month without exceeding the limit that would interfere with retirement.

“We should check out the campground at the lake before Labor Day. After that the beaches are closed,” I said.

He answered, “OK,” surprising me.

I thought a moment, then asked, “Tomorrow?”

The weather forecast had just finished predicting a stretch of two perfect hot days leading Samuel again to say, “OK.”

I think we are lovers of one night stands, one night away is enough for both of us. It is easy to throw a few things in the fridge and overnight bags, and off we go.

We found a lovely spot overlooking the lake, so expansive that if you didn’t know you’d think it an ocean.

We played Euchre and for once I beat him, game after game. He lit the charcoal to cook burgers while I steamed the corn. We watched the fire after the spectacular sunset then I read until sleepy. 

In the morning we canoed in the boggy area by the lake, then sat on the beach watching swimmers. Samuel cooled off in the water but I stayed in the shade. It is always nice to come home. 



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