Using the applesauce grinder lined with cheesecloth, I ground  till 9 PM, changing arms used to grind as needed wondering why I’m doing all this. Today buy sugar, lots of it!

All this, days of picking dressed in pants, sweatshirt and sneakers, fighting the bees who zapped at me trying to rid their competitor, scratches everyday despite the thick clothing, and several steps and days to complete the process and I keep asking myself…why?

Because I love summer, I love picking berries and the patience it fosters, and I love the scent of the berries especially as they are boiling. Do what you love when you can.  I spend days even weeks where I don’t because I can’t. I am frozen in time confused. But time passes. I forgive those that have trespassed and move on.  


8 thoughts on “BLACK RASPBERRY JAM

  1. Wow – this so reminds me of summers growing up. My Mama’s summer was all about picking blackberries at her sister’s farm, and then turning them into delicious cobblers, jams, jellies, and preserves. And I still have all the equipment shown in your picture..

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    1. Yes! I really should have called it jelly because all the seeds are strained out with the cheesecloth. Otherwise it is way too seedy.
      But the process is tedious. Even after working it past the applesauce grinder through the cheesecloth, I then have to ‘milk’ the juice through the cloth!

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