Lavender Therapy


Yesterday I formatted a plan for my day, structuring it with what I was going to accomplish. I began picking berries early with sweat dripping down my back. I persisted and the basket was heavier when finished then the first three days of picking. Then into the pool, all before 10 am. I dove from the top step, then again, enjoying the feel of the pools bottom skimming my palms.

The sun made the water sparkle beneath its surface and I somersaulted causing tiny sparkle bubbles as a laugh erupted reminiscent with childhood abandon. I jumped up and out splashing the water into the air, kicking with exuberance. Throughout the day the feeling of being within my body occurred and I thought, no felt, this is living. 

Then I hopped in Samuel’s truck where my old ratty bike lay ready in the covered truck bed. After the short ride to the canal, it pulls out easily onto the path. Riding along the sparkling canal the heat beats down but the trees provide a canopy of protection and the hour passes quickly. More sweating, more swimming. I’m not usually in the pool until day’s end when the sun’s rays are less dangerous, but this morning the cooling water invigorates and the exposure isn’t long.

I wanted to also eat right as I’ve been so lax. That was easily accomplished as Samuel’s gardening far surpasses mine. Since his retirement he has again taken on the task.So many choices to make into a salad, cukes, peppers, large juicy tomatoes, and cherry tomatoes off the vine sweet like candy.

The afternoon was spent with the baskets of lavender strewn around the house drying in various decorous fashion; hanging baskets, little water can baskets, ribbon adorned bouquets, tons of lavender perfectly dried. My daughter in law had given me herb scissors at our lake visit, a sharp little tool with five blades. This gave me an opportunity to use them, and I eagerly opened the package.

Sitting contentedly for several hours nipping stems, the entire house filled with the earthy deep aroma of lavender. The container filled with lavender buds that will make precious sachets. A few have previously been made, and depending on humidity levels, they emit a scent that makes one stop, breathe deep and relax.

I lay awake last night wondering why Adele hadn’t called. I left a message the day before that I’d like to make an appointment next week. It occurred to me that I still have options. I have found someone when the need arises and that may be all that I need right now. I can’t picture going again. 

I could ask for an appointment in two weeks due to the camping trip next week. Both in one week is too much. That leaves the door open. The thought of not going brings a bereft feeling, yet going during a busy week feels like too much pressure.

The simple choices seem so elusive. I am not sure what will come out of my mouth when she calls, but I’m not liking that it takes two days for her to get back to me.  


13 thoughts on “Lavender Therapy

  1. I love lavender. I tried to grow it this year but it didn’t grow. I don’t have a green thumb. If you like to cook with lavender, it is really yummy on zucchini as a seasoning and we really like lemon lavender muffins. 🙂

    I also think 2 days for your therapist to get back to you is a lot. Maybe that is something to discuss at the next appointment? To set out guidelines for communications and expectations?


    1. I’m skeptical there will be another appointment. It feels comforting enough knowing she’s there if the need grows stronger.
      Yeah, the two day thing is a concern. No call yet. I don’t need more issues and stress so I’m thinking I’ll tell her I want to leave the door open but not make an appointment right now.
      Love your idea of using lavender for muffins and zucchini. Can I come to your house for dinner?

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      1. No, you don’t need more issues. Leaving the door open is a good idea. Perhaps letting her know that such a long wait to hear back from her could be difficult if you began seeing her for therapy.

        You can come to my house any time for dinner. You have an open invitation, my dear. 💟🙂xx

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          1. Well, I usually cook dinner around 7pm, or I make it ahead at like noon. We try to sit down together to eat, but I really believe that everyone should just listen to their body and eat when they are hungry. So you can show up at anytime, and I’ll feed you. 🙂

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          2. Oh, you bring a smile to my face. I used to insist we all eat dinner together because it was a special for everyone to connect after a busy day. It has become a focal point in my son’s family now.
            Samuel and I rarely eat together for just the reason you stated. We each are hungry at different times. And we already are together a lot and don’t need to connect at an appointed dinner-time. I love cooking ahead when I feel like it and enjoy doing then just zapping a plate later… : )

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          3. I like for us to all eat together, but like you and Samuel, Kat, Hubby and I are together enough during the day that we can connect other ways that don’t include food— which is very important to me because of my issues with food. So it’s all good. 🙂

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  2. I know that feeling, when she doesn’t call back right away, and wondering what she’s going to say. I always feel that feeling of abandonment, when she doesn’t call right back, and especially when my appointments get cancelled. That has happened several times. I can’t describe that feeling that arises inside of me, usually in my chest.


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