What fills me? What is my happy? I only have today, and even that isn’t a given, so fill it up with the things I love. I’m not running a marathon like Jessica in the Iron Man at Lake Placid today. GOOD LUCK JESSICA- you are already a winner and a success!  Thank you power woman for being a leader of healthy living. You inspire me to persevere with my own physical activity even when I don’t want to. It always feels good when I do!

I’m not saving the world or running for political office. My goals are simpler. My feelings of satisfaction at the end of the day include doing the things that I feel good about; meditation, exercise, eating right, accomplishing tasks around the house that keep it tidy, and adding simple pleasures to make life worthwhile.

Mom was the Commander while living. Then I began to feel what it was like running my own ship. But too often I still feel like a dinghy cut loose, riding the waves, hanging on trying not to drown.

I like the feeling of commanding my day, having some control over it and my life, not feeling victim to it. Yet interactions with the outside world set me spinning. The delicate balance achieved in body and mind is too easily disrupted causing chaos and negative thoughts.

I do not know the answer to this loss of serenity. When serenity visits I grab on and make the very best of it. 

4 thoughts on “ROUGH WATERS

  1. Doing the things you feel good about. I love that. That’s how our days should be filled.

    But if I may say, re: accomplishments–your fantastic garden alone is HUGE!!!! All those little plant and flower spirits see you every morning and shout, “Hooray for Patricia!! She is so loving and has given us a home. She watches over us and tends to our needs. She examines us and delights in our lives and unique beauty. We love you Patricia!!

    : )

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