Do the things you love. So simple, how did I get away from that? Walking the meadow in the summer sun- one, two, three laps?…I lose count as my mind drifts. The breeze flutters the leaves, cooling my face, as the sun’s warmth teases a sheen of sweat upon my neck. Oh, it feels good. I am home, in all ways, I am back home.

Love what you have, have what you love.

Flowers don’t cost much except the hard work of tilling the unforgiving clay soil. I dig it out after a soaking rain, breaking the clogs up with a spade, then adding sand, manure, peat and topsoil. Year after year a little more is accomplished until a secret garden appears before me. I did this? I did this. I’ve created a paradise with little knowledge, skill or guidance, just perseverance, and lots of trial and error.

While sipping coffee on the porch I forget to enjoy the luxury of watching Ma Ma Dove feed her second batch of babies. Snapping back to the present I watch her as she pokes food down their hungry little mouths. It seems fitting that this gentle cooing bird’s job is to make family after family all during summer.  

Then garage sales, just a few close-by, and another love of mine. I thrill at finding a bargain, the excitement never quelling over expensive items to be had for a quarter, fifty cents or a dollar.

And Molly knows I’ve been skipping meditation. She is upset in the mornings chasing me around and pawing at my feet when I don’t go into the bedroom as usual.

The walking and meditation are priorities for a healthy body and mind. But I skip them too often becoming busy with tasks that are less beneficial. It is good to take care of my needs, but also allow the simple pleasures I love so much.


Picture 049

Picture 228

A meadow full of Queen Ann’s Lace



2 thoughts on “THE SIMPLE THINGS

  1. I’m just in awe of these photos. I swear, it’s like a mindful meditation for me to read your blog and look at the photos. It makes me stop in the moment and be in awe. I love that.

    I wish it were as easy as when we were teeny tiny tots, to get lost in the moment.

    I love Molly. She is one of your guardian angels.

    Thank you for these lovely, lovely moments. : )

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  2. I’ve wondered much of the same. Often I wouldn’t let myself enjoy what I love until I did what I needed to do which included paperwork, housework, this and that. The mind is complicated. It should be so easy, right? To sit and enjoy the beauty around us. 💜

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