I am up every morning, some mornings before the birds chirp, but every morning before all others.  

I light the stove in the camper heating the giant percolator. After it began to perk, I set the timer to 15 minutes then wandered to the bathroom through the quiet woods along the short path.

Samuel often cuts up wood we have purchased. But this morning no little stack awaited so I stumbled around in the forest gathering enough branches to make a fire. In the Adirondacks it is always at least ten degrees cooler than at home so the fire with the coffee warms me and allows time to gather my thoughts before the still morning and its peacefulness is disturbed.

After the fire takes off the chill, I take my second strongly brewed cup down to the lake. This morning’s delight included two ducks, one which brazenly walked up to our campsite the night before looking for handouts. The water steamed with the warmth of the morning sun after after a cool night. A loon calls to say good morning!



And Samuel working hard…



13 thoughts on “ADIRONDACKS

  1. Oh I love it. I’m vicariously living your vacation. The pictures are lovely. I hope your health held out this time, and you were renewed in some way. I like to think vacations renew, although I know they don’t always.

    So glad to see your posts again!!

    : )

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    1. It is good to be back!
      My health held out and in the woods is where I finally decided NOT to go back to the perio place even though they say I MUST have this follow-up cleaning.
      My son has access to a directory on his phone so I was able to call from the woods and cancel. What a relief.
      Thank you!

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        1. No! And you are the one who put that possibility into my mind. I hadn’t even thought of not going, just how much I hated the thought of going back which also would mean reliving all the trauma. I was so torn over it and cannot believe how long it took to figure it out. So thank you!


    1. It usually does bring peace, but not this year. Sleep evaded me every night and I had to take something to relax enough to sleep.
      Every night I lay there awake. It is so quiet in the night after everyone else is asleep!


      1. Oh I am sorry to hear that. Just proves one should never assume anything! Like me assuming you were sleeping peacefully. It is hard for me to sleep in total quiet especially away from home!


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