Thank you once again Serena.

Lately I’ve been pondering the fact that no one, not one person in my family of origin has ever said, “I’m sorry.”

Not just that but no mention of my sufferings at all, not once, not at all, never.

A sister-in-law moved here from California about five years ago. We became close including feeling comfortable enough to talk about my past.

She asked, “Has anyone ever said they were sorry?”

I looked at her quizzically, thinking, wondering, then slowly answered, “No.”

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10 thoughts on “I’M SORRY

  1. More denial of reality. They’d have to take responsibility for some part of it, even those who were peripheral. “Evil flourishes when good men do nothing.” –Edmund Burke

    It wouldn’t change what happened or alleviate symptoms, but it would be a balm upon your soul. And that would be wonderful.

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  2. I was on a retreat one time, and I was talking about my experiences as a child, and one of the priests apologized to me on behalf of my father, brother, and any other man who had hurt me. Then a minister, a woman, apologized to me on behalf of my mother. And then another priest apologized to me on behalf of teachers, doctors, and other professional who never took notice of what was happening to me. I was just dissolved in tears through this process and I think it was one of the most healing moments in my journey.

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  3. i feel so bad for you. first you went through terrible things at the hands of people who were supposed to love and protect you. then they didn’t even apologise for their wrong doings. its disgusting. xxx

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    1. It is funny how I feel so much love and caring from those I’ve never met, yet quite the opposite from those who are truly related and I’ve known all my life. Thank you. It means probably more than you know or realize to me… : )

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  4. Not talking about it made the wound deeper and impossible to heal.
    Thank you Lisa for your kindness…
    I think in their own way they care, but the parameters put on interacting with me, the rules expected from me…don’t talk or I cut off ties, those rules cause the chasm of abandonment; the justifiable fear that if I don’t abide by another’s rules, wants or expectations, I will be alone.


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