Please excuse lack of clarity due to screening….







23 thoughts on “BACK PORCH DELIGHTS

  1. Oh my gosh, I love these. It’s like beings from nature know your home is a safe place and thrive in the vicinity. The mama bird and babies are so cool. Aesthetically, the photo of your kitty with the red flowers is breathtaking.

    I’m so tired lately, your photos give me a lift, and remind me to look for and focus on the things that bring me joy. That raises my energy!

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      1. I hope to blog about it. Just the usual fatigue from hypervigilance plus sleep broken up by stomach sometimes plus watching over Jack who is so much older than me and wrecked his back a little while I was gone so Im doing his stuff plus mine and also trying to get move-related stuff done (giving away furniture, family stuff to family, trying to nail down lease, etc.) and blah blah blah.

        Have to take time to see the beauty in my day!! Your blog is a place I see it. : )

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        1. You remind me to be gentle with my self over the very same fatigue from hype-vigilance, and the never ending trust issues, both of which get in the way daily especially when having to deal with others in any way. Hope you tummy settles down.

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          1. Thank you, dear Patricia Grace. I feel better today. Read a good memoir of someone who had great emotional pain and then had a mystic experience. I want to do a blog listing memoirs like yours and hers that can help people so much. Feel gentler inside today. Took a rest day. Hope you are having a gentle day, too. : )

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    1. You know, you are right. I pause, look around and appreciate the work we’ve done on essentially bare-bones property. And for a gardener who lacks experience it amazes even me. The soil is unforgiving. Hard clay. It needs much work to grow a plant; sand, topsoil, manure, and peat moss. When the boys moved out starting their own lives and I recovered from that loss, I still needed to nurture something, so plants it is…


  2. Thank you for prayers, etc.! They worked! I felt so at peace yesterday and still this morning. I am sending out prayers and positive, peaceful energy to you.

    The book is Out of the Blue by Mary Terhune. It’s really mind-blowing. I’m about halfway through.

    How fun you are going camping!! I want to hear all about it. I hope you get some cool pictures and have healing experiences in all that natural beauty…as well as just plain fun!

    Things are falling into place for our move. Found super cool furnished home in the valley of the mountains outside Tucson to stay in while we wait for our furniture August 12-31. Can’t wait. : )

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      1. Do you have a Kindle? I can check if it’s the kind that I can lend for free after purchase.

        I sure hope you will be feeling healthy for your trip. Were you feeling pretty good in Niagra Falls? Not that that would mean you’d be okay for the camping trip, but it could be a good sign. Do you have allergies out in the wild or is it unpredictable PTSD related stuff or other?

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        1. No kindle, I’m such a dinosaur I don’t even own a cellphone but am thinking of purchasing one just for safety reasons.
          Two years ago I went with a bum knee. I thought I was Paul Bunyan and dug a huge whole for the wisteria the week or so before camping, then planted it. I set up a terrible injury and couldn’t walk well. No more jumping up and down on shovels!
          Last year I had a UTI, with malaise and fever. I had to find a Doc in town for antibiotics.
          But I’m hoping this year will be OK. Yes! I was well at Niagara Falls. That was such a great trip!

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          1. UTI’s: Ugh!!!

            I will check if it’s lendable anyway, because you can download the Kindle app and read on your computer if you want. I like to read about mystic experiences, although I’m not sure I agree with this lady’s worldview in its entirety. I’m sure her experience is true, but maybe only part of the picture. Who knows? It’s all such a mystery.

            I was picturing you jumping up and down on the shovel. : ) I just love how you are with plants and nature.

            I hope you are having a peaceful day with a gentle mind. My little girl self has been triggered, the one who tried to fix everything and never felt enough or up to the situation. (Jack has to have angiogram I learned today because they think there might be a problem.) I’m going to work out for the stress and do meditation later. I wish I could be a healer, have healing light come from my hands from God or whatever you want to call the Source, and fix him (and others) like I wished when I was little. But I know intellectually I am neither that little girl anymore nor a healer. Just have to go with the flow.

            Off to my work out. Going to plug in some rousing life affirming music!

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          2. I’m sorry about further testing necessary for your husband. That must be so hard. No wonder you’d like to be able to help somehow. But I’m guessing you do so much for him that is healing just by your presence.
            UTI’s stopped once I stopped hot baths and use the shower instead. Oh well!

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