I have as much lavender growing in my little gardens as I can fit in them. The scent soothes going straight to my core. I rub it’s oils under my nose, as well as the sage and mint. Nature’s perfume! Lavender is an anxiety reliever, sage boosts happiness and mint relieves headaches. Though I’m not prone to those, I love mint anyway. 

I made several mosaics depicting lavender. Blue tiles were soaked in purple paint. One finished piece with an 8 sided frame went to my daughter-in-law, another to my massage therapist whose logo is a bouquet of lavender, one to Don, the father-like brother, and one for me…

Picture 038

Picture 001

Picture 014


Picture 128


10 thoughts on “LAVENDER

  1. I planted 2 a month ago and am so sad they died. I’m in Florida but these were supposed to be ok here.had half sun half shade. Maybe I over watered .any tips because I miss the smell! I love your mosaics!


  2. Oh, how I love this. The scent of the plants. Your beautiful creations. The lovely gifts for lovely people. And you just know I’m going to add the Spirit of the Lavender knows and blesses you. : )

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    1. Oh, how I love that!
      I have been blessed by the ‘Spirit of Lavender’. My massage therapist has lavished my skin with the essence of lavender in the oil because she knows it’s my favorite. I’ll have to call and use my Christmas gift certificate from my son. My impinged shoulder has kept me away from her, and it is during massage that I can accept touch and feel safe. I miss it!

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