Cory, my son, and my nephew, are both excellent guitar players. So I made two of these and in addition a guitar for Cory. I find fitting silhouettes on google images. Cory enlarges them from wherever he may be living at the time; Albany, Hartford, London, now Boston. Some of my projects spit off 4-6 pages from the printer that I tape together to make the whole. 

I love the internet. That Cory can do this from wherever in the world he may be astounds and delights me. Any time I have an issue with my computer we screen share. Or, more accurately, I allow him control of my computer and he fixes it as we talk on the phone at the same time. I watch as he handles my mouse and it just whizzes. Then voila! Repaired.

All three of these pieces are large and took his skills to make templates for. I then tape trace, cut. The first tiles used here are thick. I learned in later batches to roll thinner.  which encourage more intricate designs. 



Picture 0ppp09

Picture 061

Picture 070

The GUITAR is a conglomeration of Grandma’s jewelry, old guitar pegs, hand-made bowls, hand-made tiles, and old broken kitchen bowls. My ancient macrame’ skills came in handy for the strap elaborated with beads. The guitar strings are totally beaded. This project was a lot of fun, and is the size of a real guitar. 

Picture 037


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