Made for a Christmas gift for my newest daughter-in-law, Cory’s wife. She has danced since childhood. I love ballet. As a child I longed to take lessons but never did. Making this made me feel as I were fulfilling my childhood dream. I felt in the body of the figure I was making. After finishing her piece, I made a pair to hang in our bathroom.

This is the start of rolling out my own tiles with a giant rolling pin. The glazing process worked fine because the tiles lay flat. The tutu’s are removable. 

Picture 004

Picture 020


Picture 008



Picture 012


18 thoughts on “BALLERINA’S

  1. I love that you are sharing all your mosaics. They are testament to your creativity and beauty! It made me think of myself when I was a little girl, around 8 I think. I really wanted to do ballet and I used to stare for hours through the window of a shop which sold the most beautiful shiny ballet shoes. Unfortunately my parents couldn’t afford the shoes or the lessons. I so wanted to be a ballerina and it represented for me all that I couldn’t have when I was young. Thanks for sharing your beautiful ballerina.

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    1. Your story sounds so similar to my own.
      There is so much beauty and grace in ballet. I also love women’s figure skating. Skating was something I did do, and a lot of it in the pond nearby.
      Thank you. And thank you for sharing. I understand that longing though I wish I could go back and take you to ballet!

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