These pieces were made when I first started, using the bowls that had glazed to the kiln shelf walls. They are all very heavy. New pieces are much lighter as I have control over how thick I roll out the slabs. 

My first piece. It is so heavy that if it ever fell it would kill us both!



BLUE MOON-given to Cory for his graduation.

Picture 395


Picture 077

The ‘Winter of My Discontent’, during my mother’s decline in ’09.
Almost 2′ X 3′. She loved flowers too. 

Picture 096

The Tree of Life- made for my niece,

a massage therapist who lost her life from drugs when oh so very young.

Picture 575

at ashley

In the summer of mourning and recovery of ’09 from my mother’s death in May, I scoured the the beach in 90 degree temps. I meandered the shore amongst sea gulls gathering their soft plumes- they didn’t seem to mind. The stifling heat matched my internal grief, and in the way only nature can, gave some respite from the pain. This is another huge and heavy piece.

I learned the hard way to always use a border color that opposes the subject in hue. These colors are too close, otherwise the butterfly would pop out to the eye like it should. 

Picture 002

Picture 067


Take any circular ring and set it on paper. The shadow makes a heart. This was done with my ring!

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