UNITY- A wedding gift for my son, Shane. 2007

One of my first pieces made from bowls I made on my wheel then glazed in the kiln my husband set up in the garage. Though I had the knack of throwing bowls down a little bit, I had no experience in glazing. That is a whole other art! The glaze dripped off the bowls melting them to the kiln shelves. 

Not to be dissuaded, as a person who hates waste, I remembered fondly making trivets in camp out of tiles. So I undid the bottom of a cardboard box, laid it on the cement garage floor, closed my eyes, and dropped each bowl. With the shatters, I began this process of mosaics. 

My first pieces are very simple, but a transformation occurred that piqued my interest drawing me in with such intensity all other troubles faded away. It was me and my pieces; making them fit. I did not cut them, they had to fit as they were. Like me. Either I fit or I don’t. 

And I found that no matter how the shatter, they fit. I fit. I belong too. Truth is that the most beauty erupts from the sharpest most misshapen shatterings. That it all comes together with love, patience and a flow from heart out through hand, the finished product  softened, smooth in its bumpiness, and whole. 


15 thoughts on “UNITY

  1. I am blown away by your creativity. This is gorgeous.

    And now you’ve got me thinking about the unique beauty that can come about from things that shatter.

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