Life is a marathon. Sometimes you have to dig deep into the roots of endurance to survive it. This post is dedicated to Jessica, an Iron Woman who is all heart. Up for yet another marathon.

What she doesn’t know is that she is already is a winner. We all are. Slogging through the daily life, keeping going against the odds, head down, body bent, we enter the fray called ‘life.’ We win each day we put our heads onto the pillow and awake the next ready to work on it all over again.

Good luck Jessica. But you’ve already won!

One thought on “IRON WOMAN

  1. Oh my goodness, Patricia! What a touching thing to wake up to. You made me cry. Good tears. I’m a little overcome. Thanks for the kind, empowering words. You nailed it — life is an endurance event and by showing up wholly and doing our work, we are winning every day. Love that. Thanks for inspiring me to keep at it! Always. Even when I don’t want to. 😉 Ha! XOXO

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