Today while shopping I smiled many times. Not the smile I pasted on when it seemed appropriate the last few weeks while out, but really smiled. The kind where I know my eyes light up with my whole being behind it. 

I must have encountered 5 or 6 others who looked at my smile as I waited for them to pass before moving my cart, and my smile drew them to my eyes and my eyes into theirs, and most of them smiled right back. Not sure they could help themselves.

So many times I am lost in thought, or agitated. But not today. Today I found my smile, enjoyed the shopping, rather than just getting it done, and felt the smile throughout my being. 


8 thoughts on “I FOUND MY SMILE TODAY!

  1. Smile and the world smile with you so they say! What a lovely post. It made me smile that’s for sure, at the thought of you treasuring and filling up your entire being, with that simple, beautiful expression and passing it on. 😊

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