Samuel detests sawing out my projects so I invested in a scroll saw as suggested by my son, Shane. I feel proud to have cut out my first butterfly all on my own, though worked up a sweat doing so. It is a painstaking process…



A fifty cent garage sale find with many missing glass pieces. I replaced them with mirror shards then grouted the entire project to breath new life into it. 



We top off the brilliant day with coffee and a walk to the creek…




16 thoughts on “NEW TOY

  1. I love these photos! And I so admire your creativity. How did you learn to make these butterflies anyway? Do they always have a wooden base? I think I didn’t realize that when I saw the pictures of other finished butterflies.

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    1. Oh thank you.
      The process was interesting. I began after a pottery class in the city. I enjoyed it so much I bought a kiln and wheel and began making bowls at home. But I lacked glazing experience and the glaze on the bowls melted and stuck to the kiln shelves. Not wanting to waste them, I broke all the bowls and put them back together in the form of mosaics much like I learned at camp as a child. After the unusable bowls ran out, I began rolling out my own tiles like making a pie crust. I glaze, fire them and break them up to make into whatever I want.

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        1. Oh, it is such a relaxing way to spend time; the music in the background, and my being at rest, with a bit of an exciting feeling as the pieces come into place. Hours pass by easily while I’m in the ‘zone.’


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