It was so balmy yesterday until the temperature dropped by days end. On my walk different bird species followed from bush to bush. First the robins. I began inspecting every pine tree on my way down to the water, scanning it back to front for nests. They much have a nest near-by or why else be patrolling my presence.

Samuel came down as I rested in the Adirondack chair and began dragging the canoe out.

“Come here,” he says, “See the difference,” as I lifted the end then dropped it immediately.

“Yikes! That IS heavy,” I said, adding, “I haven’t lifted it in so long, I’d forgotten.”

We have just purchased a lightweight canoe second hand that is half the weight of what our old canoe weighs. We want to keep the new one at the ready by the garage and go canoeing more often. Something easy for us both to flip over and put on the truck. We will take our maiden voyage very soon, as soon as this flipping snow that started last night melts. My daffodils don’t look pretty in white.

We took a short canoe ride hampered by the trees that have fallen into the water. So we paddled slowly, or he paddled, I played Pocahontas breathing deep, exhaling, noting how fast the grass is greening amidst mostly browns. It is so busy out, the frog cacophony, woodpeckers pounding with a soft echo making one wistfully dream, and all other birds with their distinctive trills.

I feel Spring melting into my bones, and soon every cell will lap it up whisking away the last dregs of the winter blues.


Although photos are mine, they have been plucked from my files, not taken yesterday.



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