4 thoughts on “BE YOUR OWN BEST FRIEND

  1. I really needed this! Wish I could stop repeating my ex-husbands insults in my head and aloud at myself. I now think my name is F—–g A–hole! I have tried so many things to stop. When my husband hears me insult myself, he says “Don’t talk to my wife that way.” Pretty special. Thanks for the reminder.😍


    1. Unfortunately, I understand that far too well. Sometimes the word ‘dummy’ comes into my mind as my mother called me that for simple mistakes. Not malicious, but my guess is she thought it funny. It was not.
      I’m no more a dummy than you are what he called you. I have A grades from college to prove it. Can you remind yourself of your own special qualities to counter that attack? Maybe even make a list. Check it twice! : )
      What a very special husband you have now…

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