It’s a mystery. Brown, muddy ground. Grey, stark, bare trees. But aliveness abounds. I hear it in the geese V’s overhead and all around. The sounds of life after a somber quiet winter where by the creek I felt so alone, only Mother Nature to hold me in her loving arms. Which was enough, but so still.

I hear the various chortles, loving each one. I watch the mocking birds, silent over winter with no one to mimic, bursting with new melodies vibrating up happy throats. Flocks settle loudly in the hedgerow breaking up the masses to find mates. I picture each one gathering twigs to build their homes. Busy, busy, busy. I sit and listen, seeing the dead lifeless forest but knowing it is alive and hope rises.

This has nothing to do with nature but I like the song and my post reminded me of it.


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