The red-wingers are back singing their unique and distinctive trill. Snow-drops are up, the precious yellow winter-aconite is a blooming as it has spread from the one plant my friend gave me, throughout my little garden. And geese are returning in droves finding respite by our creek; resting, floating and honking.

Samuel and I found respite too. Last night we went out to live music at a church in the city with great acoustics, a guy we love who sings with his heart, right from the soul. Joe Crookston

We held hands. Not something I thought we could do after a rough week bickering while also watching sick grand-kids. Sick kids are not happy kids. I sometimes try to figure out what the latest spat was and don’t even know. Let go Patricia. Forgive. Live! Yes, he might have spoken up to get back at back at me. And I probably gave him good reason. Sometimes its best to start fresh with the new day. Though it took a few day to get there. Last night the warmth reminded me of what matters most. A partner for better or worse…the ‘worse’ is not something I’m innocent of either. 

Oh, how I love Spring. If I can just corral my loopy brain as the chemicals go awry with giddiness, up, down, blast-off, back down, up again; till summer smooths me out again.


7 thoughts on “SPRING

  1. Beautiful. I’m so glad you shared some quality special time together . That gets taken for granted sometimes. But those are the real cherished moments that really matter. The post is beautiful like your heart Patricia.

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  2. Spring is on its way. Didn’t we say the bad feelings will change like the weather, and that winter will give way to spring? And it is. I’m so glad you are feeling better and calmer and connected to Samuel. 🙂💟

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