SPOTLIGHT wins best picture at the Oscar’s last night. The truth finally does come out. Are times changing? Now do we finally begin to protect our children?




7 thoughts on “‘SPOTLIGHT’ WINS

  1. There will always be people doing bad things to other people.
    But hopefully this film will make it easier for victims/survivors to speak out & be listened to.


    1. Yes of course people will continue to commit evil.
      It’s the after effects, the tendency of mothers, families, teachers, and the entire neighborhood, that denies and looks the other way.
      I believe that is the killer to children. To not be believed, supported, or given intervention. The little child is shamed into silence, like I was, for the rest of her life because it’s easier on the family to deny that one of their own did such things to a child. So the child is rejected if she or he tells…that’s the killer.
      That’s what needs change. Like the reporter who was bold enough to unearth the facts even though the church tried to keep it covered up. Much like a family, even allowing the criminal and/or criminal priest to continue to be around children to sexually attack them again and again. Tell the truth — save the child. Because I believe it’s not what was done to my body that traumatized me the most and continued haunting me throughout life, it’s the family that required hiding it afterwards. That changed me irrevocably and in ways that have caused continual pain, suffering and challenges permanently.
      And it didn’t have to if I’d received the same intervention I would have had I been struck by a car. Because what happened was much worse than a broken bone.
      As it is for any child who suffers such horrible trauma with no one to come to her rescue. It’s the silence that kills.

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  2. Amazing film and so glad that it won! People should always be able to voice their experiences, without being shamed, ignored and left to suffer. I’m sorry you suffered for so long ❤
    I really hope people 'WAKE UP' to abuse that is happening all around them.

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  3. So true. Much of the harm is caused by keeping the abuse a secret. If only we could have talked about it at the time with a supportive adult, we wouldn’t be suffering so much today.

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  4. No one who has never been abused can, or ever will, be able to understand the soul devestation that happens to the child. I hope this movie does more than just bring awareness to the autrocities done by priests “back then.” It’s still happening today in homes, churches, schools, etc. One in 3 girls and 1 in 5 boys are being sexually abused before they turn 18 yrs. old TODAY!

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