homestead (2014_10_09 17_58_23 UTC)

Home is not just the building I live in. It is a place within.

I found ‘home.’ I had been looking a long, long time.

I am easily catapulted out of the safety of my interior when confusion, pain, or fear cause anxiety to rule. I’ve felt more like a busy electron zooming around my body, not in it. But I am back inside where I belong.

Bad things happen to ‘good’ people. I am no better or worse than any other. Things happen. Sometimes they happen because of things we ourselves cause or do. That doesn’t mean blame or fault. It means human frailties, not being perfect… because no human is. It means craving things we didn’t get and still need, but seeking them in ways that may end up harming us.

Or not. Sometimes things just happen. 

9 thoughts on “HOME

  1. Patricia I long for where you live. The peacefulness of your meadow, no matter the season, you always seem to capture the beauty of it in your photos. I know this post is more about finding home inside ourselves but I wanted to share that I love the physical beauty of where you live. I hope you are on the mend and feeling better after your overnight in the hospital.

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  2. Whenever I find myself trying to answer the “Why” question, I try (not always so successfully) to remind myself that sometimes the “why” doesn’t matter. What really matters is what we do next.

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  3. Your physical home always looks peaceful and lovely, and I think that’s a reflection of the thoughtful, peaceful internal home you have created and keep re-creating for yourself. I know you go though tough times still (including physical things lately), but you are so good at re-establishing you r balance.

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  4. “Sometimes things just happen.” Yes! I just love this last sentence so much. There’s some open-hearted freedom to that, don’t you think? It feels like that to me.

    We’ve been sidelined with a virus for over 3 weeks so I have a lot of catching up to do with your posts. Hoping you’re well. XOXO


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