To Let Go from ‘rainingviolets’

5-27-06 046

                                                                                         photo by Cory (Adirondacks)

Courage and strength?

Yesterday, still feeling the loss of Cory, I felt anything but that. I felt victim to my emotions no matter how I tried not to. And to confess, that little niggling inside also felt like Cory’s wife had ‘won.’ She has him, I don’t. And resentments towards daughter-in-law’s, no matter how childish, unfounded or irrational, continue to fester; and my growth stunted.

A comment left today by a kind soul taking the time to write out this quote led me back to myself. The paper-thin emotions I felt lessened somewhat with another day passing, but without resolve could linger through-out winter if not dealt with in a way that offers a way to my true potential.

There is courage and strength within. Dig deep. The following comment led me to where I need to be, a place of faith for what’s to come that’s good and offers me a continued path to wholeness, health and places I’ve never been.

I’m not talking about places around the world, but places within I have not visited, exciting places that have been there all along, places of connectedness, peace, a link with my body that is loving, giving and full of health. There is much to look forward to, and mourning the past will not lead me there, only letting go with a full heart will…

Thank you “rainingviolets” for taking the time to write this entire quote below in my comment section from yesterday’s post… I would link you to her, but there is none. 

And may I take the liberty to invite you to another blog, Bethany, if you aren’t already following her. Her post rang with such shimmering beauty, truth and honesty; wisdom beyond her years. 

To let go isn’t to forget, not to think about, or ignore. It doesn’t leave feelings of anger, jealousy, or regret.

Letting go isn’t about winning or losing. It’s not about pride and it’s not about how you appear. It’s not obsessing or dwelling on the past.

Letting go isn’t blocking memories or thinking sad thoughts, and doesn’t leave emptiness, hurt, or sadness. It’s not about giving in or giving up. Letting go isn’t about loss and it’s not about defeat.

To let go is to cherish the memories, but to overcome and move on. It is having an open mind and confidence in the future.

Letting go is learning and experiencing and growing. To let go is to be thankful for the experiences that made you laugh, made you cry, and made you grow. It’s about all that you have, all that you had, and all that you will soon gain.

Letting go is having the courage to accept change, and the strength to keep moving.

Letting go is growing up. It is realizing that the heart can sometimes be the most potent remedy.

To let go is to open a door, and to clear a path and set yourself free.


11 thoughts on “To Let Go from ‘rainingviolets’

  1. Thanks for this! There is such a dignity and grace in letting go, acceptance and looking forward to the future. You are right, there are so many rich treasures within yet we look to the outside world to fulfil us. I wish you great success in moving forward and letting go as it is described here ❤️

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        1. Yes, or time of year. This winter is pulling me in the wrong direction. One I’m used to, but one I must fight. Walked in the sunshine yesterday. That helped.
          It can so easily pull me down. Hope you find your own rays of sunshine…

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