Sleep evades me. I wake after even an hour with my arm hurting from the lying down position. Last night, for the first time since the arm thing, I took 1 mg of Xanax at two separate occasions, the last one at 3 am with no effect at all. So here I am at 4 am , candles lit as our Christmas has not yet arrived, and I have some sweet time all to myself. 

Star Wars yesterday on Christmas Day was a blast. Excitement bubbled in my stomach where it had been a bit too quiet as of late. The parking lot was almost empty when we pulled in. The little kiosk spit out our tickets, bought on line. That too delighted me; technology that works.

As we sat through the long half hour of previews, after I had showed Samuel how to work the controls to the theater recliners, it began to fill up. But the new seating gave spacious area for arms, elbows and legs, and no way could anyone kick you from the seats behind, an issue which always tended to ruin the entire outing in the past.

Little did I know that 3D gave Samuel a headache since it was his first, both for 3D and living room type comfort seating. After awhile he adjusted. I had more concern about myself, figuring the repeated blasts to the head from flying objects and explosions would leave me with a full on hyper-sized panic attack. Nope!

As it started, I kept poking him in delight like a little kid when the projection of things seem to hover in front of my face and star ships flew past my ears nearly a millisecond away. My fear of adrenaline pumping up too high from repeatedly having things blown towards my head didn’t happen because most of the time the audience wasn’t attacked but rather became a part of it, drawn in, or it came out and sat right there hovering in front of ones face.

It was out of this world and tickled me to ecstasy along with horrible greasy Chinese food afterwards, the only restaurant open in town, and a bit busy. My stomach did not agree with the unusual load of grease, having been used to healthy food, maybe too much healthy food, but healthy all the same.

Upon leaving, the crowds coming in blossomed. They had eaten Christmas dinner and opened all their gifts. Our noon showing was the best. But any seat in that new theater would be great as all have the huge chairs more like living room recliners complete with electric controls so one could practically lie back, with feet up, and fall asleep. There would NO falling asleep in this edge of the seat adventure which had one scene hit so deeply it brought tears. 

The ending is one that leads to another movie…of course. Perhaps next Christmas we will be going again to the next installment. Oh what fun it is to ride in a theater chair tonight. 



7 thoughts on “MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU

  1. Wonderful! I love this. I thought of you yesterday as Brayden built his Lego Millennium Falcon with such excitement! That boy amazes me with his building skills.

    It’s been lovely keeping up with you. It’s a good substitute for my own writing which has not been happening lately. Poor Elias is still sick!!

    Happy Christmas to you and yours.

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