I slept hard waking once again with high hopes of the clock touting 5 or 6 am on my way to the bathroom. No luck, 2am. I apply my usual set of disciplinary rules, “Go back to sleep. You will.”

But I gave up by 3 am, hoping when I looked again at the clock that maybe it could at least be 4 am? No.

So this is how it goes and that’s OK. Four hours of solid sleep will have to do. I turn on the Christmas tree and watch the world news. Hey, they’re up. It’s unusually balmy. We slept with the windows open again, and I opened more over the sink while making coffee. I am grateful to have coffee back, and the tea will come in handy when my son and his wife come to stay for a week on Saturday. 

Bored I decide on a trip to Walmart.

Others are there shopping even at 4:30 am. I didn’t realize there was a run on candy canes and after some scouting found the last box of peppermint canes. All the Christmas candies were moved into a tiny section over near the pharmacy and the seasonal section was now full of Valentine’s Day candy.

I buy gluten free blueberry muffins for my daughter-in-law, and special gluten free granola, along with a few other items. The cashier is especially cheery considering the hour and considering she is working so early on Christmas Eve morning.

As very cool old folks, I have pre-purchased tickets to Star Wars 3D at noon tomorrow as we don’t celebrate as a family until Monday. Today Samuel and I will slip the canoe in the creek. All is well…

Merry Holidays to all, and my thanks for the many gentle nudges of support…


12 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS EVE

  1. I know all to well the 2 am and 3 am awakenings. That is part of living with PTSD. It is also part of chronic pain. I am amazed at how many people are up at these times. I feel connected to kindred spirits.

    Happy Holidays and enjoy the visit with your son and his family.


  2. I’m going to just close my eyes and imagine myself sitting in the back of the canoe with a thermos of coffee and a gluten free muffin. Just being paddled along. Good for you for getting out instead of forcing sleep. My heart is heavy today and the judgements I have about it are almost worse than the weight. It will shift. It always does. You are brave watching Star Wars in 3D! It makes me dizzy. Enjoy. Sending love your way. XO

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