child and adult

It feels scary crossing the abyss, one foot leaving surety, the other hoping to reach the other side not knowing if it will; the space in mid-air where faith, hope, risk and trust combine to make one fly making the leap possible; the feeling of falling terrifying and uneasy, exciting, even exhilarating.

Leave the old to find the new? Or connecting with all the parts that make up me, the little girl who has been there all along abandoned by me.

Growing pains…there are tears of sadness for the little girl I abandoned. The schism between us causing streams of tears that exhaust me. After spilling the well once again, I ask, “How to I care for her, love her, give her something of what she wants and needs each day?” How, if I don’t even know ‘her?’

Go down deep. She is there waiting, starving for solace for my own embrace.

To accept one fully after splintered apart. What does mean? How is it done? How does it feel? Can it be done? One step at a time, forward, backward and in-between.

The magical journey of life…”I speak of your reclamation.”


5 thoughts on “RECLAMATION

  1. Yes it can be done one baby step at a time! And if anyone can do it, it is YOU, who is there for so many others, who listens and deeply empathises with our stories and who is fiercely loyal and supportive. Yes if anyone can, YOU can be there for that little girl within and get to know her slowly and reclaim her. It is the beginning of a beautiful relationship and a chance for you both! Sending much love to you ❤️ Beautiful Patricia!

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  2. Exactly, yes, a step or two forward, one back, a wandering off the path, and a relearning of something you thought you already learned. It’s not straightforward at all, but over time, it does lead you slowly towards wholeness.

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