A child now grown woman who endured child sexual abuse, possesses stamina, endurance and a special beauty to be cherished and exalted. Yes, exulted. To be attacked this way by a loved one, then hushed into silence as terror claims her soul, and betrayal becomes her only known friend, shows endurance, strength and an ingenuity to survive that is unparalleled in ‘common hours.’ (Thank you Thoreau)

We gather safely in the blogging world to finally reveal this horrific pain, ultimate betrayals, burdens unbearable, yet we bore. Some is unloaded, a little at a time as a trust develops that may not have occurred for one so alone since childhood. And it is healing, helpful, supportive.

It is easy to see these distinct characteristics in others, their courage, bravery unrivaled, beauty, strength, tenacity, and brilliance at surviving the un-survivable, moving past surviving to living fully, with richness and depth. Yet too often it is hard, so very difficult, and almost impossible at times, to be fully aware of these same qualities in oneself. But there they are. You are here. I am here. What strength that takes. We have much to offer the world in our survival, just in being here.

Laugh, enjoy, love, and yes, take that leap of faith… in yourself and in others.

frostyby me

take your child out to play ...


18 thoughts on “ENDURANCE

  1. I love this thank you for validating all adult survivors of sexual abuse and portraying the qualities that as you say, are so hard to recognise in oneself but the healing begins when we see ourselves reflected in others who share similar pain and burdens. I know you are beautiful and brave and compassionate so therefore I must be too. This is what was supposed to happen with our primary caregivers; for them to give us that validation so that we could see our own beauty but we both know that didn’t happen and doesn’t happen in homes where children are abused.Bless you!

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          1. Oh 3am is really late, must be exhausted. I would never be able to write such a beautiful post on such little sleep!

            I am fine, the eye is healing well. I prepared myself (as I often do) for the worst and it was so much better.Thank you for asking!

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  2. I can’t take my child out to play, as it is currently raining again, just like it did all day yesterday. It December in Wisconsin! Weather Angel, where’s the snow? I am still pretty much a loner, especially lately. Maybe because of the holidays, I don’t know. I stay alone in my apartment, trying to pack what I can from a wheelchair. I’m moving to a handicap accessible apartment downstairs, some time before the end of the month.

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