Though lacking a full night’s sleep once again, (don’t vacuum with a bum shoulder, it sets up an ache that cannot be quelled), I muster the gumption to entertain my precious three year old grand-daughter for a full morning of fun. Like my own sons when little, children give me purpose, the will to overcome many challenges, and to power through. I feel joy alongside despair. 

She is onto gift making which is good because her family tree could probably not hold anymore of the countless paper ornaments she has painted and sparkled. 

Shh, this is a candle holder for Mommy. Daddy’s desk organizer, painted blue, is drying on the table. Her older brother will receive an item which came from a hand-made toy, or trick, that I made in my own youth.

White yarn is placed in an empty dish liquid container, tying a knot at both ends so it won’t shoot all the way out. While holding it up to someone’s nose, you ask them to smell the nice scent. Then squeeze. The yarn shoots out like a squirt of soap surprising the intended victim without hurting them. He will love it. His parents? —maybe not. 

The Christmas girl then wraps her items, humming Jingle Bells, and completes them without any help from me. She proudly places the gay packages into a green sac happily hoisting it over her shoulder for the ride home. I know they will immediately be put under the tree. It will be interesting to see whether she can wait till Christmas for her family to open them.

The week prior we had taken her brother shopping at the Dollar Store like we have done for the last several years. He loves to pick out gifts for the family although the first year we went it was hard to get him to concentrate on the family. There were just so many great trucks, cars and other goodies he would love to have for himself. But he has the hang of it now, even bringing his own wallet and money. Once he arrived home, the presents went under the tree with great glee.




13 thoughts on “SANTA CINDY

  1. Aw look at that smile! Patricia I love these posts. They are a reminder that even when we are feeling the ways we sometimes do just spending time with a child can inject a little joy into our days and boost our spirits. Thank you.

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  2. So joyful to see. Makes me want to cry and i don’t know why. I think she reminds me of my own precious girls when they were that age. Unfortunately my youngest got the brunt of my depression. I only have photos and videos of those precious times. As the memory feelings slow surface. Thank you for sharing your own joy through these blogs.


    1. Tears..nostalgia of a time gone by? I hope they are tears of sweet memories, which may be a mix of sadness for a time gone by and re-living a happy time, though yours seems to have the added depth of wishing things could have different for for your youngest. I think that too sometimes as my eldest suffered the brunt of my depression and high blown anxiety. No parent is perfect no matter who they are. I am slowly letting myself off the hook for my imperfections and struggles which surely affected my children. Because of my own struggles my sons learned things they might not have; compassion for others and a special link to those in pain.
      Time either seems to stall, or just fly by. I cherish each morning with her as next year she will be in pre-school each day, not with me. I do not see her older brother as much anymore as he is in first grade and it feels as if he is almost ready to graduate and go to college.
      So fast, it goes so fast, that glorious innocence and special joy for the simple things that I watch in her eyes with delight, as I did with him.


      1. Yes your so right. Your understanding is truly empowering to me and I’m crying now . It’s all good though. They certainly learn compassion and truth Patricia. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your words and wisdom. I can’t thank you enough abd I wish you all the happiness joy and health always

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        1. Ohh, tears of hope and happiness is my wish for you, as it’s my guess you deserve both fully.
          Thank you for sending all those wishes my way…A deep sense of connection and understanding brings tears to me too…joy…


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