Ever since little, Christmas held a magic that carried me throughout the year. That hasn’t changed. Others cannot believe I have done all my shopping before Thanksgiving arrives. And sometimes it’s even wrapped or at least started. The tree goes up the day after Thanksgiving.

A person needs something that excites them. I have fun all year picking up goodies at deep discounts and throwing them in the ‘Christmas closet.’  A big Christmas can be done without a lot of money. I have always stuck to a very meager budget but you wouldn’t think so if were to see the presents swimming out from under the tree.

This past week my studio has turned into Santa’s workshop. I needed small tasks to do so that provided some sense of productivity without tiring me excessively, and more importantly, some pleasure in-between the pain. While wrapping, gentle Christmas music played in the background.

It has taken many days to calm down from the hospital memories. As the sun warmed my shoulder through the southern window, I lovingly took my time making each package just right. And with each present I felt close to the receiver… a son, grandson, or daughter-in-law, giving me the gift of warmth in the process. 

As I laid out my wrappings, Molly hopped onto the bed where the excess lay. Why is it cats like paper? She immediately made herself at home in it. 





11 thoughts on “HOLIDAYS

  1. So smart of you to be so far ahead! Finding your presents well in advance to avoid the manic rush before the holidays and always knowing just what you need right now to lighten and excite your spirits!! That is taking care of you and you are doing a great job! Happy wrapping!

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  2. This made my heart so happy and I’m so glad you posted the photos. They let me pause, and sit and just slow down as I imagined being there in the happiness. I also really love that you have a special place that’s just yours. That’s something I really long for. Your thoughtful process feels rhythmic and soothing to me.

    I have such a hard time planning ahead for all holidays. I’m embarrassed to admit that I have times when I have spent more money on shipping than on the gift because I am so paralyzed before a holiday. Your post made me feel quite held. Happy. Inspired. I wish I could teleport you to my house and sign you up for elf duty. Keep up the healing. Sounds like you’re doing some gentle loving work.

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  3. Oh, this sounds like so much fun. I’ll have to try doing Christmas this way next year, as Christmas usually comes with me clueless about shopping, gifts, decorating. I say this as the sun shines in my eyes as it comes through my southern facing window.

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