So focused on her painting, after washing her hands she stood in front of me forlorn. That’s when I noticed the jeans, floor, even socks, soaked, and a puddle below the sink. I was patient, though that’s not always the case. Out came the mop, and to her credit, she handled all the rest; complete change of clothes including socks. We survived. Watching her paint or play with her dolls, causes a chuckle and smiles that erupt from deep within.

Here’s last night’s carving project. Samuel and I are now ready for the Trick or Treater’s tomorrow night. We live out in the country so the only ones ringing our doorbell are our grandchildren and another couple with their two little girls. But they make us the first stop, stay for cider, donuts, treats and little gifts, then go on their way to the other relatives and into town. A lot of fun even in the preparation and anticipation. 




17 thoughts on “PRINCESS CASTLE

    1. My patience depends on where the ‘puddle’ happens and how easy or hard it it to clean up. This time it took only a mop. Last time required a washer and dryer along with work on a rug. I was not so patient. But I still try very hard. Thank you!

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