Who, in the group of people I was born unto,

Has said, “I’m sorry.”

No one.

So a wound that would heal with “I love you, and I’m sorry,”

Festers, and like gangrene grows.

If only someone, anyone, had said,

“I’m sorry.”

But no one came. I was left alone, and couldn’t, didn’t heal.

Until time wore on. Rage spun its course.

I found a way to peace

All on my own…

22 thoughts on “I’M SORRY

  1. You are so strong. Finding our own way is hard, and sometimes seems impossible. But you did it, and you have inspired many others, too. It’s too bad you never got to hear the words “I’m sorry” from the ones who hurt you. It would have made all the difference. I’m glad you managed to make your own path, regardless of their cruelty, though. Xx

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  2. I know! Sometimes you just want someone else to say, “I recognize the wrong that was done to you. I recognize that I didn’t help you/I hurt you. I am so sorry. Can you ever forgive me?” Being alone with no recognition I think just intensifies the pain. You have done a great job learning to comfort and care for yourself, but I don’t think that lets others off the hook for owning up to their responsibility.

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  3. It reminds me of yesterday. I was feeling quite irritated and was snappy with my son. As I was putting him to bed. ‘I am sorry my love, mummy has been a bit like a grizzly bear today and I am sorry’
    His reply was ‘it’s ok mummy’ and today he is fine.
    As you say all those years ago and even now, just a sorry and an acknowledgement would fill one of those holes and soothe the soul. I have accepted that my parents never will and so I have to say sorry to the little girl within and be there for her and the adult me even when it’s so easy to disconnect.
    Sending you deep empathy and warmth my dear friend ❤️

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    1. Yes, keep giving to oneself, even when or if no one else does, especially then. To those who expect I hide an entire portion of myself for their own comfort …and who I obliged…no.
      What a sweet son. And he learned that from his Mummy… : )

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    1. Being taken into my mothers arms instead of shamed and blamed in my bedroom as she ‘talked’ to me, sitting apart from me, with hot tears streaming down my cheeks?
      Oh yes, all the difference. A life of difference. If only. But she let her daughter take in ALL the shame, not once holding or loving me so I’d know I was loved, and not a bad seed who deserved to die. No love, no nothing. Just blame and shame. I became nothing but shame. A walking wrong.

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  4. I’m so sorry you never got that. I know it’s not my place but I feel for you and totally hear your words and can connect to that need ,want, desire, to need that from family. The shame and blame really should of DEFINITELY! been on the “families ” shoulders. I myself was met with “your joking”?!


  5. I feel the pain and loneliness you experienced, that from the depths within inspired you journey to wholeness and now, only now can you take yourself in your arms, embracing the young child and say I’m sorry… I love you… Because now you realise you wee never alone… Your divine self was always their. Take care dear Patricia… Everything is ok… Barbara x

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