Listen to Her. Deep, still, quiet. She knows.

Not the should’s and shouldn’ts,

Do’s and Don’ts,

But what you need to do.

Yes, movement is good,

Except when it’s not.

Years of doing, pushing, overdoing,

On an already comprised system

Caused damage.

Don’t do the shoulds, what others have mapped,

Do what you need, and know,

If you listen,

to Her, that is me, down there,

in the heart of my soul, my spirit.

She needs rest?

Provide rest.


17 thoughts on “SHE

    1. Yes. And it’s hard as I still tend to separate from my body and assume doing is better than resting.
      (shoulder injury due to age- inflammation of bone scraping on tendon)
      So I should not have been washing windows, but keeping the arm down, confirmed today by an excellent physical therapist.
      I listened to my gut and walked out of the first PT practice because of a prolonged wait for a new patient and a bad feeling.
      So nice to be connected to that ‘gut’ instinct when for so long, I ignored her.

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      1. I know exactly what you mean. I have a problem with just resting and doing nothing. Always feel like I need to be productive: learning or doing or moving. It’s like a form of self-punishment also or maybe it comes from a false belief that I have to earn my existence or that I am not good enough as I am.
        Yes the gut feeling and going with it is so empowering! I am glad you listened. It’s something I am trying too. There is a colleague who gives me a lift home most days and i really don’t enjoy her company. I am going to tell her I don’t need a lift anymore and take a taxi instead. I find her abrasive and dismissive and I am going to listen to that little voice within telling me to stay away.

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        1. Good for you! I have found myself stuck in situations where a friend has taken advantage of me. Making me wait when I pick them up on the way to chorale, or once, not even being there and not calling. So I just said I wouldn’t be able to pick them up anymore.

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          1. Yes i think I have reached a point where I want to please myself rather than others. It may sound selfish but for toooooo long I put everyone else before me as if I were a second class citizen.
            I realise also that I feel bad every time I assert myself or am firm with someone. In my mind I feel that I have been so mean and awful but I think to the other person it doesn’t come across as that!!!

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          2. Not selfish. That is what I notice others do without any problem at all. They do what they want and what is best for them. I do what they want and what is best is for them.
            Doing otherwise feels alien. Trained to be silent even as horrors are committed against me and to me. No wonder it’s a lifetime of working to hear my own voice, and another lifetime to listen.

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          3. As I weigh in with those old feelings, now entrenched within me, I battle them, or at least begin asking, is this appropriate, or true? Is it reality based?
            As I work through the old pain, like using a scythe through a jungle, I make gains, headway, there is light. I feel stronger, am stronger.
            You are doing it too! But it is sad, how much was taken…

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  1. Nice post. I really am learning to listen to the still voice within especially in regards to movement and rest. Still have that piece that wants to just push through it all and I end up in worse condition. Thanks for the reminder. I will use it today.

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