I’m not fond of black. Yet the monarch’s deep orange comes alive inside its borders. As I grout the dark black over the rubies and bright diamonds of the new butterfly, I again feel my work aligning with life; the light and the dark, broken, shattered, yet the shards put together stronger than the original, and just as beautiful,  bumpy in spots but adding character and depth.

And the black, tarry thick grout, or filth of abuse, covering the brilliance, does not make the jewels dirty or bad or wrong, or have no right to be here. It only covers it. What’s underneath still radiates. The tar wipes off. I may have to dig, and scrape, and wipe and shine…pick, and poke, and not give up… but underneath lies beauty, shimmering beauty.

While applying the black grout, the sun splashes on my shoulder, kitty sprawls on the floor in the pool of light, and music softy plays in the background. My body relaxes into the project. I can no longer see the diamonds, rubies and glittery jewels, but I know they are there beneath the grime. Dirt wipes off of glass and shiny objects. It cannot adhere.

In the studio I feel whole, at ease, peaceful. I can feel my entire body and like being in it, and being, and being me.


21 thoughts on “MONARCH

    1. I can’t wait to finish it and get it sparkling again. This one is slow going because of the black.

      My quiet studio erupted with the noise of the excavator next door. I padded down to the creek in my slippers and worked to uncover the jewels in the Adirondack chair. Lovely as a leaf fell on me and nearby.

      It’s no wonder your writing brings you the same type of satisfaction. I always look forward to your posts.


    1. Black is very difficult to clean. The longer it’s there, the harder it is to get out. And that’s the trouble when a child is sexually attacked and her wounds, her critical injuries go underground to protect the ones who did it, and those who did nothing to help.

      The black hardens and permeates everything. It is tiring, tedious and frustrating, and can’t really be rushed.

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  1. I love the way you remind us the jewels under the black and understand that the black can make the colors come alive.

    Creativity is so healing! One thing I want to do during my upcoming leave is to return to my painting or collage work.

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