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I go along quietly, and after a while begin feeling like how Gumby looks, flattened in places. Then boom, I rise and grow such muscles that won’t be ignored.



12 thoughts on “GUMBY OR THE HULK?

    1. Sometimes I have a lot going on, or too much going on in my head respond as fully as I like. Hope you will allow for the lapse, but I really like this comment. Both…yes. That rings true.
      You are wise. Even with all that you have gone through, there is a place in you that’s stays steady, even and sure. You are wise beyond your years.


      1. Of course I will allow for the lapse. We all have too much happening in our heads. I don’t know that I’m wise, lol, but thank you. I think I am slowly finding and trusting that place within me, though. 😊 thank you. And I’m glad this rings true, and feels right. I think it’s okay to be both gumby and then hulk at times. Xx💜

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        1. Wise, yes. My take is that in some ways, once touched in a way a child should never be touched, she ages well beyond her years, well beyond, like old age beyond; innocence lost. Yet in other ways, it stops maturation completely.


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