A walk in the meadow this morning…As I meander so do my thoughts. 

I made a friend…within me.







29 thoughts on “FRIEND

  1. Beautiful. I just started to garden about 2 years ago. Prior to that I always tried but (purposefully) let things die. It took me a long time to realize why I would put so much effort into my garden and then just let it die. Well… my mom is a gardener. Enough said. The last 2 years I started to garden for myself. I still sometimes want to withhold water when the plants start to shrivel up. But I’m doing better. I love my flowers.

    These are so amazingly beautiful. I love the one with the spider webs.

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    1. Thank you! Plants in my gardens have to be very hardy (like me) as I do not have the energy to give too much attention to them. Some of these are just out in the meadow growing wild…even better! I so appreciate your kind words. And am glad you tend to your flowers since they give you joy : ) Since my boys are grown, I need to nurture something!

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    1. Some luck, as to my husband locating it amidst the overgrown lawns at the time and that it was still for sale. The rest is very thrifty saving over the years; hanging cloth diapers by the wood stove, re-using plastic bags (I still do), shopping for all the needs possible at garage sales, (still love them), only paying for what we can pay for in full. (except cars and the mortgage) and many other shortcuts…but even so, I do feel very, very lucky and just love to be home…


  2. Your flower pictures are so vibrant and alive. I do a series of flower pictures every year, taken from various locations on the property of my apartment building, but I don’t think any of mine are as vibrant as these. If you would like to see a couple of mine, and this one which I think is my best of flowers,

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  3. Stunning photographs! You do have a talent for taking the most eye-catching photographs! I am so glad that you are able to recognise the friend in you. I think it’s so important to be your own best friend because then you have someone to turn to always in happy and dark moments. Someone you can completely rely on, who knows you best! someone you carry around with you always, who is non-judgemental, accepting, and who offers you that unconditional love that we so badly need! I too am working on that very special friendship, trying to stay with myself and not disconnect or be critical of myself no matter what thoughts or feelings come up and no matter what happens on the outside.

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    1. A work in progress… When I happened to look back at my post, Balance, I am abhorred at how easily I attack myself. I believe it’s something broken I can mend but not fix, that tendency to attack and blame my own poor self. Here I am, sicker than I had been in a long, long while, and all’s I did was attack myself because I had made a mistake. I work so hard at accepting the fact of being human, which coincides with making mistakes, but then, when I most need my own loving, and gentleness, I attack…me. So I heal, and let myself off the hook for doing what I learned to do, take in the horror of what was happening to me during childhood and make it my fault to save the family.
      That is there in me, that is what I was taught and learned and it won’t go away. But I can mend, and soften. And in the worst of times I will need to ask for help. I have to learn to ask for help because I can’t do it alone.

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      1. Yes that’s right don’t be hard on yourself for ‘attacking yourself’ because it is the default I think of many survivors. I admire you for understanding that and also for accepting that it is the way that you learned and that it wont go away. That gentle and quiet acceptance and peace with your past is what I sense from many of your posts. You may struggle sometimes as we all do but you have moved to a place of peace that not even the horrors that you had to endure can touch EVER!

        And yes you can ask for help because you are not alone, you are dearly loved by your family and friends. Please remember that you can turn to me too, as I have done to you many times!

        Your Friend

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