Not sure if this meets the demands of a famous quote or saying, as it was said to me more than once during therapy with Matt. And you will probably have the same mixed feelings as I did. Yet there are times even now, over ten years later, that the expression comes to mind. When I struggle with something with no easy answer, or seemingly no answer at all.

Stymied by the day’s list I’d bring in, upset, he would say, “AFOG.”

I just looked at him quizzically and said, “What?”

“Another Fucking Opportunity for Growth,” he’d explain, smiling, almost proudly, as if ready for my protests.

Because not everything is a disaster, though it used to feel that way. It was hard to sort out everyday struggles and challenges with that which past trauma’s made exceedingly difficult. So everything felt overwhelming.

But it made me pause. And made me smirk in spite of myself.

6 thoughts on “3 DAY QUOTE CHALLENGE-DAY 2

  1. Patricia,
    One of my favorites, passed on from my sister and of great help when thinking about boundaries, is “NMFP.” Not my f—inch problem. AFOG cracked me up and I’ll be using it in the future! Thanks for sharing that. 🙂 ~ AG

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