Breakthroughs and Fairy Lands..

Breakthroughs and Fairy Lands...

This woman’s husband is the first person ever in my life who stood up and spoke to childhood sexual abuse. I cried, practically sobbed as his eyes looked directly into mine as if singing to me, caring about me, looking past all the dirt I feel and carry to the truth of what a child carries into life not hers. Though he sang for her, he sang for me too.


8 thoughts on “Breakthroughs and Fairy Lands..

  1. Awww this is so great. I just Told Batman and he is so happy that it sang to you too because that is exactly what he intended for the song to do. And he is so genuinely touched by your words. ❤


    1. I am deeply touched by the generosity of you both. That song, that video, ought to go on the television as a public ad against childhood sexual abuse. It is a powerful, profound, expertly crafted and sung, soul soothing message which could lead the way to awareness and prevention.

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