Grand-daughters renew, refresh and enliven. Oh what two year old’s can do! I think of my mother who couldn’t stand taking care of my children at this age. She’d had enough of kids, ‘all eight of us.’ And though I tend to look like her and am like her in many ways, not this way. I adore being there for my son and caring for his children, especially two year olds. Such fantasy play.

Pretending to open cupboards that are not there, putting away the groceries she bought while out riding her tiny, pink sparkled bicycle to the pretend store. I sit in one chair out in the warm, sunny morning, and Poppy in the other. I do believe he is enjoying retirement. She gets out the bubbles. I never tire of blowing them, especially since the battery powered one lets me blow endlessly without getting dizzy. Then the chalk. Down to the blacktop we all go, drawing rainbows, clouds, flowers and the sun.

We both had already brought our ‘babies’ out, her in the little pink stroller, mine in the one used for her when she was a baby. They sit side by side watching out antics. Next activity? The pool. On goes the pink ruffled swimsuit. Poppy opens the umbrella so we are all shaded. Ker-plunk, down she goes with a splash, over and over.

“Watch me!” she says, but of course, all eyes are already on her.

I bring out her usual lunch of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. She sits ‘poolside’ (a four foot plastic pool) and daintily eats the entire thing. Then plop, back in on her bottom with aplomb. Finally it’s time to get dressed and wait for mommy who arrives shortly.

What better life? The parents seem so grateful, and profusely thank us at year’s end when our daughter-in-law is done with her teaching job for the summer. But Samuel and I both know who the real winners are…


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