Morning Musings

Summer arrived before spring fully unfolded, then it cooled again. I am able to sit on the patio with sunshine and cool air, a mix of spring and summer. My body fully relaxes as if meditating. Most of the time, without realizing it, my body is tight, held in defense of what awaits. It’s only alone in nature or meditating that I feel it unwind completly, including internal organs. It’s healthy to have those days of peace. I share this perfect morning with you…







10 thoughts on “Morning Musings

  1. Your photographs are stunning! What a gorgeous place to meditate in. It shows how well you look after it, a reflection of your inner beauty. Sending you much love.

    And yes sadly I can relate to the feeling of tensing of my body, I think it has become the default position of my body so I only know that I do it when I do feel the tensions released.


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