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Showering Kindness: yesterday’s post. I needed to hear that and it helped greatly. It helped me feel better throughout the day, be interested in doing more, including back in my studio, walking, though I cut it short by 2 laps due to thunder, just sitting out on the patio and front porch too as the sun went down, and eating right…for a change. Not sure if it has been the blog mix up or what, but I’ve beat myself mercilessly, eating it out. I kept wondering, where has my winter resolve gone, where I eat my egg whites, bran for lunch then main meal? It supplied all the nutrients I needed, left the afternoon meal something to plan and look forward to, and filled me with satisfaction.

Well, yesterday, with my reminder to shower my own self with kindness, I had a very good day. It’s hard, takes work and focus, being retired doesn’t mean giving up. And spring or summer, doesn’t mean everything is suddenly a breeze. I still need to work at maintaining myself in all ways, and that takes work. It does take work to keep a positive mind set, that I’m OK. That I don’t need to be out changing the world, to change my world. That’s enough, and that’s OK.



  1. Thanks for the blog. I am sort of tin the same place. I am realizing I don’t need to change the world and that working on my own world is gift enough. I too am focusing on what is the next thing that would nourish me in my day. It is about a lot more than food but certain takes in nutrition. I have lots of ideas on what would nourish me but still have difficulty doing these things at times. The question am I worthy keeps popping up.

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    1. Nourish. I just love that word as it’s used for oh so many things besides food. Food is a poor substitute for the variety of human needs craving satisfaction.
      And that’s the very root of all of it, “Am I worthy?” The answer is always, YES! Unfortunately, years going as far back as childhood pound the opposite answer into me and I too easily forget and get off-track. Maybe I’ll carry a sign around my neck? I AM WORTHY

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  2. I love your self talk. Thanks for letting us in on it. I think I could do some more positive self talk like this. You are wonderful! You are caring for so many people, all over the world, in your blogging and writing. You have such a big heart!

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