tumblr_m1bpa2AmZh1qdqy0bo3_250Shower kindness upon yourself.

Who, me?

Yes, you. Shower kindness upon yourself above all others. That doesn’t mean be selfish, be generous. Because if I act in ways other than I believe, I cannot sleep. And offering generosity is a part of who I really am. That includes myself uppermost. How can I be truly kind or generous if not towards myself first? 

Come back to your roots. I’ve been lost. Since trying to connect with ‘family’, the one of origin, like a moth to flame, I’ve been burned…again. Come back to me…be kind to me. It’s OK. 


  1. I find it very difficult to be generous to myself before others. It was drilled into my still-growing brain, that I was worthless and that I didn’t deserve anything.

    I find now, that I have to change my thinking and my attitude. Wherever my thinking goes, my body will follow, and having a negative attitude open me up to him who rules the underworld. If I think positive thoughts, I will act positively, and if I think Godly thoughts, I will think like Jesus. That’s a long, hard lesson to be learned. Too bad it can’t be done in a day or two.

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  2. I really like your posts about being kind to yourself. I thinks it’s the one thing we can really control. We can’t control how we are treated by the our families of origin and we had no control over the past. But, self-care is the one thing that we can work on and the one thing that will make us feel better. Take care my dear friend Patricia!

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    1. Yes, but you’d think it wasn’t because of how one treats themselves and the constant negatives running through the mind. It’s a good reminder that it is controllable and to keep reminding oneself every day.
      I wake and think of it, and start my day with that work at hand. It does not come natural at all. And every bump in the road brings me down in self talk. So I do have to work at it. But such work!


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