Tap, tap, tap, from the woodpecker in the dead tree. A warble of melodies from the mockingbird as it follows me down the meadow to the creek, our resident guard bird. After lap five I award myself with the pleasure of sitting creek-side. Many surprises await, as spring jumps right into summer and the temperature soars to the mid-eighties.

Red-winged blackbirds, bright yellow finches, a cardinal highlighted in the greenery of leaves working to open…a pair of muskrats swim back and forth, leaving small wakes behind them. The blue heron, very shy, unaware of my presence, spreads it’s wide wings floating the air current past me then resting at the creek’s edge, stone still, like a statue staring at the water, awaiting a fish for its dinner. Frogs burp their deep basses, and lastly, the brown duck flies into its box to keep her eggs warm. That’s a delight because she is also extremely shy.

I walk back to the house as the black flies start to become annoying, wondering to myself, where did spring go? So do the daffodils and tulips which expired from exhaustion and heat way too soon. My day is complete and at peace.  

20 thoughts on “NURTURE THE SOUL

  1. What a wonderful morning meditation. They all came for you, and you for them. This is where our healing lies. You’ve encouraged me to write about my special time with the swallowtail butterfly that insisted on hanging out close to me today sipping water from the mud. I was able to get very near with my camera which from my perspective felt a bit intrusive but it allowed me without fluttering away. I now have a record from which to paint. I’m sure it knew.

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    1. It’s just a small little creek on a modest plot of land, but we enjoy it to the fullest. Our peace may be disrupted by the build next door. I’ve had to call the builder twice to complain. I hope the owner is more considerate. I cannot stand hearing other’s music or radio. It rather blots out the sounds of the birds, frogs and breeze .


      1. We live in a busy, highly diverse neighborhood, so there is always some kind of noise. On Saturday mornings in spring and summer, it’s the Little League games going on in the park right nearby. Occasionally it’s a siren going to the nursing home a block away. On Sunday evenings all summer long, one of our neighbors hosts a big party and blasts Chinese love songs for hours. But in the morning before everyone gets going, the chatter of the birds is often the dominant sound, and their songs are a welcome way to start the day.


  2. What a lovely way to recognize the bountiful gifts of nature, and how they can add so much texture to our day. I’ve been encouraged, myself, that one of the cardinals that frequents my feeder has become much more bold, perching happily only feet away from where I watch him. Slowly but surely, Mrs. Cardinal is beginning to do the same. It’s such a gift when nature agrees to allow us to immerse ourselves, in whatever increments possible. Thoroughly enjoyed your post.

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