Pieces sharp and jagged come together in wholeness. There is no right or wrong, and no mistakes. My dear husband has learned not to suggest things. It’s a place all my own. I am too receptive to others ideas and because of his suggestion found myself filling in the edges too neatly and too proper. That is his need for perfect neatness, not mine. There is a rawness about me, the same wild that calls me outside into nature. 

It didn’t feel right and I’d lost some joy in my studio. But I remembered. It’s the feeling, my feeling, go with how I feel. When I’m in the ‘zone’ times passes quickly and with great contentment. 


    1. You make me smile as I sip my morning coffee listening to the geese coming in.

      When I find myself becoming too serious in the studio, I remember the purpose of ‘being’ there; to ‘be’ with all aspects of myself; the broken, sharp, jagged, soft, rounded, smooth, chunky, slim, bold, bumpy, tiny, large, all pieces that mimic my humanness are OK.
      However I choose to put them is OK because in the end all the pieces come together anyway and make a whole. It is a parallel of accepting all of me, the good, bad and bumpy.


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